The Effortless Family Posing Course

Transform your work with my proven effortless posing system and session flow. No more freezing up. No more uncertainty.
Just total confidence in effortlessly capturing joyful family photos (insanely happy clients is just the cherry on top!).

Ready to be a

confident family photographer?


I don't want to pose. I only want natural, unposed images.

Ready for a dirty little secret?

Candid moments don't just happen. Behind every "unposed" image is a photographer directing the scene. 

You want magically unposed images? You, the photographer, have to know how to create a space for your clients to fully trust you enough to let loose and be themselves. You have to know how to pose, and then direct in a way that injects joy and movement and love into these moments. You have to know how to position and move bodies so everyone looks their best. Because we all know that if mom thinks she looks like garbage in a photo, that photo goes in the garbage.

The truth is you have to know how to do both. Knowing how to pose is going to lead you to the magical unposed moments.

But wait. Maybe you're thinking...

Have a solid session flow so you can feel 100% fluster-proof at every shoot.

Imagine if you could...

Effortlessly handle whatever might come your way during family photo shoots.



Have a fool-proof posing system that makes clients comfortable and actually lets your creativity flourish.


Have a dazzlingly consistent portfolio of work that has clients raving.


Get BTS video on 3 actual, real-live shoots so you can learn exactly what the photographer did and why.


A year from now you'll
wish you would have started today...

So let's get started!


A high-touch educational experience for family photographers craving a solid session flow process and fool-proof posing system that actually works

At the end of this 10 module, self-paced online course you’ll have the exact posing system and session flow framework used by a successful, multi-six figure family photographer. It’s the ultimate BTS experience!

The Effortless Family Posing Course

AN ONLINE posing COURSE FOR family photographers

The first meet is critical. You can’t pose effectively without first making your client comfortable and earn some trust. Learn how to confidently take the lead and loosen things up to calm everyone’s nerves before the first shutter click.

The Golden Minutes

module Two

Don’t leave it to luck.
Set your clients (and yourself!) up for success with a tried and true posing system so you consistently get great shots. 

Family Session Flow - The 5 Core Poses

module four

Spoiler alert: YOU are the expert.
This may be the family’s first photo session. Even if it’s not, they definitely haven’t done as many of these as you have. They’re expecting –and needing– you to be the calm, confident leader. Learn the tools you need to step into that role with ease.

Running Your Shoot

module Three

... and so (so so so!) much more!

No more reinventing the wheel at every session. Learn why it's critical to start with poses that actually let you unleash your creativity. By starting with these foundational poses we layer in connection, movement and joy for natural, stress-free photos.

Benefits of a Posing System

module one

(psst. No membership fees here. you get Lifetime Access!)

What's included in the Effortless Family Posing Course…

Ever wish you could know exactly what goes into a successful family photo session? Well, friend, I’ve got you covered! In these 3 (yes, THREE!) behind-the-scenes videos, you get to be my virtual second shooter on REAL shoots and see firsthand:

Grab the popcorn, my friend!

behind the scenes!

3 Live Session Videos

Let's go behind the scenes!

How I use the time before each session to earn trust and build connection with clients

How I work with children that have short windows of cooperation (and still get the shot)

How I pose clients and why (including troubleshooting tricky situations)

learn at your own pace

go behind the scenes on 3 REAL sessions

lifetime access to the course

Follow a proven roadmap

This course focuses exclusively on posing and working with families.

Not weddings. not couples. not elopements.


There just isn't enough family photography focused education out there. (Seriously, why is everything about weddings?!)

Family photographers face challenges you don't see when working with couples. Sure, both are tough, but only one potentially involves chasing a toddler around while making fart noises from behind the camera and singing Baby Shark all for one single smile. (If you know, you know.)

This isn't a couples posing course with one quick module on families. This isn't a wedding course that briefly addresses family shots.

This course is 100% family focused.

If you are niching into family photography and finding that you love it, you've probably hit a wall looking for NO-FLUFF family photography focused education. Yes, you should "shoot from the heart" and be a storyteller - but you also need to know how to flatter figures, get kids on your side and deal with cranky dads. That stuff matters too.

“This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.”

— Me, yesterday


3 payments of

1 payment of

Select the plan that works for you:

course pricing

3 payments of $197 →

most flexible!

best value!

one payment of $497 →


The behind the scenes footage of this course is invaluable in showing you how to regain control of a circumstance that is less than ideal!

— rachel

“Honestly going through this course felt like an investment in myself. ”

Consistency: you can keep copying what you see on Pinterest with hit-or-miss results (let’s be honest, mostly miss)

Happy clients: the only thing worse than feeling nervous yourself is clients who feel awkward and (and it shows in their final photos)

Peace of mind: you can keep winging it at shoots waiting for the next dreaded, “what do I do now?!” moment 

So. What do you have to lose by not joining the Effortless Family Posing course?

Friend, you’re in the right place. 

I’m not here to be doom-and-gloom (we had enough of that in 2020.. and 2021... am I right or am I right?!). I know that you’re smart. You’re capable.

And if you’re anything like me, you need a little help taking your special sauce to the next level. 

What you want is someone to just tell you what works to get strong, consistent and stunning work every single time. 

Have a fool-proof, no-fluff framework for running your session to deliver the shots your client really wants

Know exactly what to do & why at a session (no matter what happens!) so you’re 100% fluster-proof 

Gain a posing system that actually unleashes your creativity and brings magic to your shoots 

Know exactly how to set up poses that look and feel natural and unforced

By the end of the course, you will...

Ready to rock with me?

This is your backstage pass to step-by-step process and posing system to get effortless, joyful family photos every single time. 

No more freezing up. No more uncertainty. Just stress-free family photo sessions and insanely happy clients.

Sure, you could try to DIY your way to success or join any other family photography course telling you to “just shoot from the heart”.

But The Effortless Family Posing course is like NO other program out there because it’s the only one that will…

Let you learn from a seasoned professional every step of the way.

Explain to you exactly what to do and why at shoots to make your sessions flow effortlessly.

Take you behind the scenes on real, live shoots where things don’t go 100% as planned. From your front row seat, I talk you through exactly what I did (and why) to handle the situation and nail the shot.

Give a posing system that actually unleashes your creativity and brings magic to your shoots.

Let's do this thing!

press the easy button, friend

“Showing photographers how to clearly communicate poses and interact with clients is a game changer.”

If you want to gain experience faster and learn to be a confident and efficient family photographer, this is an investment in the fast track to success. As a newer photographer, you will always get better with time and experience, but having a mentor show you the ropes will get your there faster.

Dawn fast tracked her success

Yes, It's a Game Changer!

“This will completely and forever change how you and your clients feel about your sessions.”

It’s a great feeling going into a session with a solid plan, knowing how to handle the sticky situations, and being able to walk away happy about how things went. I highly recommend The EFP Course!

paul transformed his approach

“I realized that the overall "attitude" I have going into a session needs to be calm and assertive.”

 I found it helpful to watch you lead your clients into a calm head space simply by talking with them about your plan. It tremendously helpful to watch you put your own "posing mantra" into knew what you wanted to do from moment to moment without having to stop and rack your brain for ideas.

rachel learned the importance of confidence

I'm Aislinn, your new business bestie.

Some people call me a toddler whisperer. The truth is, I learned long ago the importance of connecting with clients of all ages on a human level. We all just want to be seen, right?

I struggled with family sessions just a few years ago before it all finally "clicked". Since then, I've grown my photography dream into a multi-six-figure business with a team of photographers shooting for me throughout the year.

I want nothing more than to walk you through the exact steps I use to get effortless, joy-filled family sessions every single time. I've photographed over 500 families and am here to teach you what I know.

To go from flustered to fluster-proof at your family sessions, all you have to do is say YES today. No more going it alone, friend.

Hey friend!

It took a lot of trial and error to craft a solid session flow that has me feeling fluster-proof at every shoot. 

Just like you, I was struggling to figure all this out. 

Back then I had no idea how to pose my clients for natural, joyful images. 

I had to wing it at every session. Guessing at what to do next and struggling to get consistently stunning images. 

It took a lot of time and intention to get my systems and strategies in place to deliver a knock-your-socks-off client experience with posing.

And even better, I finally became the confident professional family photographer I dreamed of being – while having a blast tapping into my creativity and consistently delivering incredible images to my clients.  

Now after photographing over 500 families, I’ve got it all pretty dialed in ;)

But getting here wasn’t easy and it definitely didn’t happen by accident. 

This course is for you if you’re...

Done going it alone and reinventing the wheel at family sessions

Not serious about being the best family photographer you can be

Yearning for the confidence to really lead at family photo shoots

Uninterested in implementing session flows and posing systems

Wanting family-photography focused education from a seasoned pro

But it's not for you if you're...

Unsure about setting yourself apart as a family photographer

Try the course for 10 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

I believe in this content which is why the Effortless Family Posing course is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If watch all of the modules and do the work and this course lets you down, just show me your work and hop on a quick call to tell me what I could do better, and thanks to a 10-day refund policy, you’re covered. 

money back 



3 payments of

1 payment of

Select the plan that works for you:

course pricing

3 payments of $197 →

most flexible!

best value!

one payment of $497 →


Why this family course?

This isn't a couples posing course with one quick module on families. This isn't a wedding course that briefly addresses family shots. This course is 100% family focused and highly detailed. I'm teaching you the exact framework I use at every family session plus you get to see me put what I teach into action at 3 real shoots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rewatch the videos?

YES and I hope you do! This course is not only go at your own pace, but you have access to the course content for the life of the course.

What's the investment?

This course is going to skyrocket your confidence walking into family sessions. It will transform your work. Right now, I'm offering the course for just $497 or 3 monthly payments of $197.

I have been in business for years. Will this course help me?

From beginner to expert, this course WILL be beneficial to you and will elevate your family photography know-how. The specific strategies inside the Effortless Family Posing Course will only add to what you already know. This is an opportunity for you to learn an effective family session framework and build your own strategy based on the lessons and modules demonstrated within the course.

Does the course cover camera settings? What about editing?

This is a pure posing course. The material does not cover camera settings nor does it address editing. 

Is this course only for Hawaii / beach photographers?

Not at all! That just happens to be where I live but the poses and session framework covered work for ANY location. The poses and framework are not specific to beach locations.

Is there a payment plan?

Sure is! I know that budgets are real and this is a big investment. For more payment flexibility, you can enroll with the option of 3 monthly payments of $197.

email me →

Still on the Fence?

Let's do this

I completely understand. If there's anything I've learned it's the importance of investing in learning from someone who is where you want to be. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!